Tastes even better than it looks!

Baking and art have always been passions of mine. My first memory of baking was trying to make a cake to look like the photo in the recipe book. As a child, I wanted to meet Betty Crocker, I had a list of questions for her. I even wrote to her to become my baking pen pal – she was my first baking mentor! I would pour over my Wilton How-To books, (which I still have today) and I babysat to earn money to buy new decorating tips and I practiced my piping techniques – A LOT!

I loved trying and mastering new techniques. I collected new pastry tools and remember getting my first bundt pan – it was avocado green and I adored it. Each holiday or special occasion I attempted another buttercream creation. It always tasted great (thanks to the science of baking), but lacked the look I wanted to achieve.

I studied fine art and became an accomplished oil painter and once I began incorporating my artistry skills into the decoration steps, my cakes became more beautiful and special. The combination resulted in making delicious works of art.

I am obsessed with scratch baking recipes, mixing palettes of beautiful colors, experimenting with delicious flavors and creating extraordinary artistic designs and themes. The goal is to always taste delicious but it must look spectacular as well.

I started the Geneva Baking Company as a way to meld my passion of baking and art into reality. I am in love with the world of baking and the simple joy I can share and bring to others. I offer simple cakes for small gatherings and celebrations and especially welcome the opportunity to create your dream cake for your milestone events. Each of my cakes literally look as amazing as they taste. My favorite review to date, which is now my motto “Tastes even better than it looks!”

Our Services

We love creating bespoke cakes that literally look as amazing as they taste. Our specialty is high-end designer cakes for special celebrations, weddings, milestone events and corporate dinners. Give us your inspiration or a photo of exactly what you have in mind and we will accept the challenge! We have small sweets to complete your sweet table, perfect for thank you gifts, party favors and treats for yourself and family. We currently deliver to the Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia area.

Centerpiece Cakes

Your custom cake will be the centerpiece of your event.


We graciously insist on the delivery of all tiered cakes, at no additional cost, due to the challenges of transportation, weather, and physics! We also provide complimentary delivery for any order over $250.00

Non-tiered cake and small sweet pricing is for pick up. Delivery of these items can be arranged for an additional $20.00 fee.

Available in the Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia area only at this time

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The word bespoke has evolved from a verb meaning ‘to speak for
something’, to its contemporary usage as an adjective meaning
custom made according to the specifications of an individual.

The term was originally bespoken, meaning “spoken of or arranged

made-to-order, custom, bespoken, tailored, tailor-made, requested,
indicated, stipulated, reserved, arranged, personalized, one-of -akind, over-the-top

“Geneva Baking Company loves to create bespoke cakes.

Make your event special with our Cakes

We can create your bespoke cake for your party, milestone celebration, corporate event or wedding. Share your inspiration, specific ideas and we will accept the challenge to create your dream cake!