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1/2 Inch thick rolled sugar cookie with royal icing finish detailed with assorted designs. White ginger jar background with traditional blue color designs

Cookie approximate measurements:
5.25” Tall and 3.5” at widest point

Ingredients: Sugar, Unbleached Flour, Butter, Eggs, Baking Powder, Salt, Almond and Vanilla extract.
Each cookie is individually cellophane bagged and heat sealed.

$8.00 Each / Per Cookie + 1.75% Tax
Minimum order 12 cookies $97.68 + applicable shipping/delivery)
Order quantity can be 12+ (Does not have to be increments of 6 or 12, Example: can be 15)
+ Shipping / Delivery or Schedule Pick up in 60134 area

Orders will be filled and shipped approximately 2 weeks from order confirmation.

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