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Multi-tiered party and Wedding Cakes Geneva IL from Geneva Baking Company. We make amazing cakes that will make your big day even more special!

At the Geneva Baking Company, we enjoy the creation of bespoke Wedding Cakes Geneva IL that look beautiful and taste delicious. Our specialties include premium, designer wedding cakes that serve as the elegant centerpiece at your wedding and your guests will love. Call our reach out to us with our convenient online form to tell us all about how you envision the look and flavor of your Wedding Cakes Geneva IL. (Photos or screenshots are very helpful too.) And besides cakes, we can create cupcakes and smaller sweets that will delight your guests.

A Wedding Cakes Geneva IL is typically one of the main elements of the big day. Check out these tasty facts about some of the history and traditions behind wedding cakes:

-The wedding cake is a symbol of prosperity and good. Wedding cakes are made with the finest, freshest ingredients so the new marriage will be happy and long-lasting.

-Three tiers. Conventionally, wedding cakes had three tiers. The bottom tier would be served during the wedding ceremony and the middle tier was served afterwards. The bride and groom traditionally saved the top tier of the cake for the christening of their first child. In olden times it was not unusual for the birth of the first child to occur within a few months of the wedding. Many couples still adhere to this tradition by freezing the top tier of the cake – or a slice of the cake – to enjoy on their first anniversary.

Nowadays, it’s common for wedding cakes to feature anywhere from three to seven layers, which is depending upon the customer’s budget and preferences. If the bride and groom want to distribute slices of the cake as part of the dinner for 100 guests or less, a three tier cake is often sufficient.

For a larger wedding reception with 200 or more guests, a five tier cake is usually the minimum recommendation. When it comes to the number of servings, a Wedding Cakes IL that is 14 inches square will provide approximately 98 servings.

-Kissing over the Wedding Cake Geneva IL for a long and happy marriage. During the middle ages, guests would stack the cake’s three tiers and encourage the bride and groom to kiss while leaning over their cake. If the coupe was able to do so without falling onto the cake, it was a sign they would enjoy a long and prosperous marriage!

Good luck charms. It was often a practice at weddings for the single female attendees to pull a ribbon from the cake’s lower tier. There would be a ring tied to one of the ribbons. Tradition held that whoever drew the ring would be next to be married. Other lucky charms would be hidden into the wedding cake and symbolize things like:

-A wedding bell for an upcoming marriage.
-A ring for an upcoming engagement.
-Heart or flowers to symbolize love.
-High chair to indicate the marriage would produce children.
-An anchor to represent travel.
-A purse was a sign of good fortune and wealth.
-A rocking chair to indicate a long life.
-Clovers or a horseshoe for good luck.

The team at Geneva Baking Company is standing by to create Wedding Cakes Geneva IL that will help make your big day one to remember. All of our cakes, cupcakes, pastries and other sweets are made with authentic, premium ingredients from scratch right here in our kitchens.